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1 、展志愿风采,创小荷精神。

Show volunteer style and create Xiaohe spirit.

2 、弘扬中华美德,传递慈孝爱心。

Carry forward Chinese virtues and pass on filial piety and love.

3 、因为有爱,明天才会更美好。

Because of love, tomorrow will be better.

4 、我愿意成为一名光荣的志愿者。

I would like to be an honorable volunteer.

5 、志愿一份心,公益更精彩。

Volunteer a heart, public welfare more wonderful.

6 、爱心献社会,真情暖人心。

Love to the society, true feelings warm the hearts of the people.

7 、用我努力,换取您的微笑。

With my efforts, in exchange for your smile.

8 、志愿新时代,你我共精彩。

Volunteer new era, you and I are wonderful together.

9 、多一种经历,多一种成长。

More experience, more growth.

1 0 、要傲就给我傲到骨子里去!

If you want to be proud, give me pride to the bone!

1 1 、传递爱的真心,延续爱的希望。

Pass on the true love and continue the hope of love.

1 2 、巾帼志愿服务,与关爱同行。

Women volunteer service, walk with care.

1 3 、爱自心中生,心以爱作魂。

Love is born in the heart, and the heart takes love as its soul.

1 4 、语言无国界,大爱无边界。

Language has no borders, love has no boundaries.

1 5 、慈是孝的沃土,孝是慈的回报。

Kindness is the fertile land of filial piety, and filial piety is the return of kindness.

1 6、爱心你我她,真情靠大家。

Love you, me and her, the truth depends on everyone.

1 7 、只要全力以赴,就能不留遗憾!

As long as you do your best, you can leave no regrets!

1 8、用我的努力,换取您的微笑。

With my efforts, in exchange for your smile.

1 9 、幸福源于关爱,和谐来自希望。

Happiness comes from love and harmony comes from hope.

2 0、志愿服务,传递温暖笑容。

Volunteer service, deliver warm smile.

2 1、爱心温暖河源,志愿传播文明。


Love warm Heyuan, volunteer to spread civilization.

2 2 、大手牵小手,爱心伴着行。

Hand in hand, love with the line.

2 3、爱心大舞台,有你更精彩。

Love stage, you are more wonderful.

2 4 、志愿进万家,温暖你我他。

Volunteering to enter thousands of homes to warm you, me and him.


1 、与其锦上添花,不如雪中送炭。

It is better to send charcoal in the snow than to add to the icing on the cake.

2 、灯不亮,要人拨;事不明,要人说。

If the light doesn"t work, someone should dial it; if something is unclear, someone should say it.

3 、助人为快乐之本。

Helping others is the foundation of happiness.

4 、弯下身子帮助他人站起来,这是对心灵很好的锻炼。

Bending down to help others stand up is a good exercise for the mind.


5 、为别人点一盏灯,照亮别人,也照亮了自己。

Light a lamp for others, illuminate others, also illuminate yourself.

6 、风大就凉,人多就强。

When the wind is strong, it is cold, but if there are many people, it is strong.

7 、在激流中能够屹立的人,未必能坚挺于人海中。

Those who can stand in the torrent may not be able to stand firm in the sea of people.

8 、路不平,众人踩;事不平,大家管。

If the road is not smooth, everyone will step on it.

9 、经常帮助别人,但是不能让被帮的人觉得理所当然。

Always help others, but don"t let them take it for granted.

1 0 、人多出正理,谷多出好米。

More people make more sense, and more grains produce better rice.


1 1 、岁寒知松柏,患难见真情。

Winter knows the pines and cypresses; adversity brings true friendship.

1 2 、帮人帮到底,救人救个活。

Help others to the end, save people and save lives.

1 3 、帮助别人的人,能得到别人的帮助。

People who help others can get help from others.

1 4 、花要叶扶,人要人帮。

Flowers need help from leaves, people need help from others.

1 5 、人心换人心,八两换半斤。

People"s hearts are exchanged for people"s hearts.

1 6、有心烧香,不论早晚远亲不如近邻,近邻不如对门。

If you have a heart to burn incense, sooner or later, your distant relatives are not as good as your neighbors.

1 7 、有志者,事竟成。

Where there is a will, there is a way.

1 8、世上无难事,只要肯登攀。

Nothing is difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb.


1 、志愿新时代,你我共精彩。


2 、志友,脱下志愿装,请不要悲伤!

3 、爱心服务献社会,真情温暖撒人间。

4 、当志愿者后悔两年,不当志愿者后悔一辈子,一年志愿者一生志愿情!

5 、小荷与文明同行,丽水与梦想腾飞!

6 、我们都是单翼的天使,只有相互拥抱时才能飞翔。

7 、涓滴之水成海洋,颗颗爱心变希望。

8 、让爱心汇成海洋,让真情放飞希望。

9 、志愿服务源于心,献出爱心在于行。


1 0 、公益大舞台,小荷更精彩!

1 1 、群众有需求,我们有需要。

1 2 、志愿领航,青春飞扬。

1 3 、做有意义的事,无悔精彩人生。

1 4 、参与志愿服务,建设平安家园。

1 5 、爱的奉献,心的呼唤。

1 6、只有离不开的爱,再艰难,爱不会离开!

1 7 、这是一场全民战‘疫’,身为志愿者的我必须上阵。

1 8、人间之可爱,就再于它有情有爱有牵绊。

1 9 、爱心凝聚力量,希望成就未来。

2 0、日日行,不怕千万里;常常做,不怕千万事。

2 1、心小,所以小事就变大;心变大,所有大事都变小。

2 2 、我们不是昙花一现,而是芬芳永驻。

2 3、志愿服务,传递温暖笑容。

2 4 、服务社会,帮忙他人,提升自我,实现价值。

2 5、老吾老以及人之老,让更多人的人生晚景变得温暖。

2 6、弘扬中华美德,传递慈孝爱心。

2 7、人生应像蜡烛一样,从顶燃到底,一直都是光明。

2 8、多一种经历,多一种成长。

2 9、服务他人,提升自己。